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  • Gymnastics Team

    This team is competitive and will be competing in the Midwest Amateur Gymnastics Association (MAGA). Team participation requires a higher level of commitment and dedication and also produces great benefits in physical abilities, confidence and discipline. Ten girls per team will be allowed in competitions. COACHES APPROVAL NEEDED! TEAM SKILLS: Floor: round-off back handspring(x2), jump 1 ½ , handstand pirouette, fly spring, front handspring, front tuck w/spot, back tuck w/spot, split leap ½, 1 ½ turn on toe, dance series. Bars: kip, baby giant, fly-away dismount, pullover on high bar, 5 pull ups on high bar, 10 leg lifts on high bar, jump to squat on, jump to high bar. Beam: Cartwheel on high beam, pop up on high beam, split jump ½ on high beam, salto dismount high beam, back walkover, back handspring. Vault: Front handspring over vault with board, handstand blocks(7), twisting of vault. Price does not include leotard, meet fees and MAGA fee. The options of paying in full or utilizing a payment plan (with a credit card) are available. If you choose the payment plan, the first of nine payments will be charged to your card at time of registration with the remaining payments automatically charged to your card on Oct. 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 1, Jan. 1, Feb. 1, Mar. 1, Apr. 1, and May 1.
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    Tumbling Tots

    Building on a strong motor skill foundation, children will learn basic gymnastics on all events in addition to obstacle courses, trampoline time and basic tumbling skills. This class helps improve body awareness, coordination, balance and listening skills. We use modified equipment and drills for a fun and creative approach to learning. The main goal of the program is to build your child's confidence in class, empowering them to try new things in a safe environment. Please place your child in this class if they are ages 3-6 and/or have never been in gymnastics before.
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    Bluejay Beginners

    A class for youth that is designed for those that have previous experience with gymnastics. Gymnasts will learn to perfect their basic skills on all events: floor, bars, vault, beam and some work on the trampoline as well. This class can be repeated as many times as needed. Bluejay Beginner Skills Floor: Continue tolearn all shapes of gymnastics such as:tuck, pike, straddle, split, straight stand, handstand, lunge, arch, hollow and bridge. Tumbling moves worked on will be forward rolls, backward roll on incline, cartwheels, handstands, bridge, hollow hold, split jump, BWO/FWO w/spot. Bars: Front support hold(3 seconds), Casting(3 good swings), Tuck swings(3 swings), Straddle swings(3 swings), Tuck hang and hold, pullover(shld. ht.), back hip circle w/spot and pike out dismount w/spot. Beam: walking forward(HB), sideways(HB) and backward(LB), toe to knee kicks and scoops all done on the high beam. Landing off high beam, Tuck, Straddle, Pike Jumps done on low beam, cartwheel(LB) w/spot and step full turn(LB). Vault: correct board approach, straddle jump and stick landing, squat onto vault(100 ht). Donkey kicks(5) Dive Roll on incline.
  • Gymnastics Pre-Team

    For gymnasts who have mastered skills of previous levels and are ready to take their skills to the next level. COACHES APPROVAL NEEDED. Pre-team Skills: Floor: wolf and split jumps, twisting straight, tuck, pike and straddle positions with a full turn on toe, back walkover, front walkover, handstand half pirouette, round-off back handspring w/spot, front handspring w/spot, Speciality jump full, handstand against wall(1min), back extension. Bars: pullover, back hip circles(2), cast to horizontal, jump to catch high bar, tap swings on high bar (3 swings with a re-grasp), sole circle off low bar, 3 leg lifts on HB in pike and 5 leg lifts, kip w/ spot. Beam: split leap(HB), step full turn(HB), straight jumps, tuck jumps, handstand(HB), Cartwheel w/spot(HB),salto dismount w/spot, pop up w/spot. Vault: proper underarm swing for board approach, pop on vault(110), front handspring off, Donkey kick to handstand(10), Run and jump onto vault, Handstand blocks(7). ADVANCED SKILLS:(for pre-team) Floor: double back handspring, jump 1 ½ , handstand pirouette, fly spring, front/back tuck, 1 ½ step full turn, power one arm cartwheels. Bars: long hang pull overs/baby giants, sole circle dismount from high bar, back hip circles high bar, kips without spot, squat on the spot, fly-away dismount. Beam: cartwheel on high beam without spot, pop up on high beam, split jump ½, salto dismount, back walkover on low beam, back handspring on low beam. Vault: front handsprings no spot.
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    For gymnastics who have mastered skills from Beginners and are ready to take the basics a little further. This class can be repeated as many times as needed. COACHES APPROVAL NEEDED! Cylcone Skills: Floor: jumps - tuck,split, pike and straddle, back extension and land on feet, handstand against wall (15 sec), cartwheels, round offs, bridge with straight arms, ½ turn on toe, 15 sec hollow hold, split jump, back and front walkovers. Front/back handsprings with spot. Bars: pull up position strength holds in: tuck, pick and straddle-hold 3 seconds, pull over, casts (hips leave bar), back hip circle with spot. Climb to squat up(3 seconds), pike dismount, glide kip form. Beam: Pivot turns(HB), walk backwards(HB), Bunny hops(HB), Step full turn(HB), Tuck and Pike jumps(12” on LB), releve walks F/B/S(all on HB), cartwheel(LB), cartwheel dismount with spot. Vault: proper underarm swing for board approach, pop on vault(100), front handspring off w/spot, Donkey kick to handstand(10), Run and jump onto vault, dive roll(wedge on rezi).